Net Lease Properties

A Net Lease Buyer’s
Brokerage Company

We are a Florida based real estate brokerage company representing clients in the purchase of free-standing single tenant properties nationwide. We provide a variety of single tenant real estate investment opportunities for investors & exchange buyers.

The Turner Net Lease Buyer’s Broker Advantage

We work with buyer’s as their agent and in their interest. By representing our clients in this capacity, we provide our clients many time saving advantages such as:

  1. Access to single tenant properties on the market nationwide
  2. Access to certain off-market properties
  3. Access to comparable sales data nationwide
  4. Screen for properties that actual meet the buyers investment criteria
  5. A single point person to contact
  6. No listing bias
  7. Personal anonymity by being your front person
  8. Knowledge of different tenants credit and their typical lease language
  9. Access to demographics and property site analysis
  10. Knowledgeable of I.R.C. 1031 Exchange and 1033 Exchange rules

This saves our clients a lot of exhaustive time, effort, aggravation and money.  Also, since our services are paid at closing, through a cooperating brokerage agreement with the listing agent, it doesn’t cost our clients any money to have us working on their behalf.

The listing agent already has a relationship and a fiduciary responsibility with the seller.  Our relationship is with you, the buyer, and we would be working on your behalf and looking out for your interest.  If you contact or employ the listing agent, they are going to do their best to try and sell you their listings, because that is what their seller hired them to do.

If you use our services, we, unlike the listing agent, do not have a relationship with the seller or a vested interest in any particular listing.  We can show you a variety of properties, from the many sources we use, and give you a fair and honest assessment of each property, the tenant, and the lease, as we present them to you, with no need for coaxing, or bias.

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Just a Few Examples of Net Lease Opportunities

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Why Triple Net Lease Properties as an Investment

When people think of real estate as an investment, many people think it is too cumbersome and very time consuming and would rather stick to the stocks and bonds market, which appear as a more simplistic investment vehicle. Most commercial real estate investments do require owners to deal with a multitude of tenant issues, whether it’s late calls in the night regarding fixing something that is broken or leaking, having to deal with late payments, eviction notices, vacancy, tenant build-out, etc. For this reason many investors shy away unless they feel they have the wherewithal, time and expertise to manage such an investment.

This is where single tenant net lease bridges the gap and provides an alternative advantage to owning typical commercial real estate.  Triple net lease properties are  investment vehicles without all the daily issues and maintenance that normally come about.  So, not only does it diversify ones portfolio of investment vehicles, if purchased correctly it can basically be a hands off investment.  In most triple net leases, the tenant pays the following:

    1. The monthly rent
    1. The real estate taxes on the property
    1. The property insurance and the liability insurance for the property
  1. All the maintenance on the property.

Basically all you do as the owner is collect a check once a month, as the tenant in most leases, are responsible for taking of everything else.  In addition, if that tenant closes that store, and so long as they, the tenant, are not in bankruptcy, then they are still responsible for paying the owner/landlord the monthly rent as well as the other items mentioned above, for the remaining term of the lease.

It should be noted however, that due to the simplicity and limited risk associated with the ownership of single tenant net lease properties, the returns are going to be lower than what you would find from a more traditional multi-tenant acquisition. However, the nice thing about owning real estate as an investment, over stocks, is real estate values don’t typically go to zero. You will always have a tangible asset in your portfolio.