gary-turnerTurner Net Lease Properties, Inc. a boutique commercial real estate company, located in Melbourne Beach, Florida; that has specialized solely in single tenant net leased investments since its inception in the mid 1990’s.

Our company specializes in working with new and seasoned investors alike, to help them diversify their investment portfolio into real estate, by owning free-standing single tenant real estate property with tenants such as those shown to the left and in our “Closed Deals” header. This helps investors diversify their investment portfolio and reduce their risk from stock market options, and provides a better return than what Government Bonds, Mutual Funds or Certificates of Deposits offer.

Single tenant investments that we handle generally consist of Walgreen’s, CVS, 7-Eleven’s, Auto Zone, Fast Food, Dollar Stores, National Banks, and Ground Leases, etc., to name a few. Also our inventory is not limited to Florida, as we are in contact with developers and owners all over the country who are offering these properties for sale throughout the United States.

The Net Lease Buyer’s Broker Advantage

We work with buyer’s, as their agent. By exclusively representing our clients in this capacity, we provide our clients many time saving advantages, exclusive representation, no listing bias, a point person to contact, personal anonymity, as well as saving our clients a lot of exhaustive time, effort, aggravation and money.  Also, our services are paid at closing by the seller, through a cooperating brokerage agreement with the listing agent, that was already set up at the time the listing was signed by the seller; so it doesn’t cost our clients any money to have us working on their behalf.

The listing agent already has a relationship with the seller, so our relationship is with you, the buyer, and we would be working for you and looking out for your interest.  We don’t have a vested interest in any particular property, as our fiduciary responsibility is to you the Buyer.  If you employ the listing agent, they are going to do their best to try and sell you their listings, because that is what their seller hired them to do.  If you use our services, we, unlike the listing agent, do not have a relationship with the seller or a vested interest in any particular listing,  so we can show you a variety of properties, from the many sources we use, and give you a fair and honest assessment of each property, tenant and lease, as we present them to you, with no need for coaxing, or bias.

The most time saving advantage we offer is being your point person.  There are many net lease companies specializing in listing single tenant properties, and a lot of net lease websites to peruse out there.  For the typical buyer, trying to search, find and filter through all that information can be a daunting task and very time consuming.  Trying to get in touch with several different companies or brokers and giving each of them your investment criteria, can also be exhausting. This is what we do, and we can help streamline the process for you.  You provide us your buying criteria, such as tenant(s), target price, or price range,  length of lease term, investment return or cap rate range, and if you need or are considering financing.  We will search through all our sources and provide you a quick summary of potential options.  If this quick summary appeals to you at first glance, then we can research those properties in more detail, and provide additional information that would help you decide if this property fits your investment goals.

Due to all of the sources on the web and the fact that no one can search and find every available property; if you happen to find a property on line that interests you, and you want more information on it; just email us the link or summary you found, and we will take it from there and do all the leg work for you.  The advantage here is you don’t have to do anything else and can stay anonomous.  We will contact the agent, get a status update, request marketing material, analyze the location and lease, and provide you an honest assessment of that property.

By specializing in single tenant net lease properties, we are familiar with and have seen many different tenant leases and lease types, and can provide you a quick upfront assessment.   Each tenant lease is a little different and some are truly triple net and some have landlord responsibilities but are marketed as triple net.  From our dealings with these tenants and their leases over the years, we can generally tell you upfront what type of lease you are most likely going to receive, prior to you spending a lot of money on attorneys fees drafting contracts, just to begin reviewing leases that are not what you thought they were.

Again, we have specialized solely in free standing single tenant net leased retail properties since being incorporated, and have a large database of brokers and developers that are offering these types of investments.  We have many satisfied clients who have used our services because we give them honest feedback, represent their interest, as well as save them time and money.